The Pastimers Club

About us

What is The Pastimers Club?

  • The Pastimers Club is a *girls only society that nurtures, help and grow a community of women who enjoys nerdy things without a male presence. 
  • Our club provides members with fun, social activities like workshops, and games night.
  • Our club is a collective too, we can create exhibitions/ events with your work, and collaboration between members, and more!


  • Social Hub - This is a social hub and we can do a meet and greet session where you get to see everyone in a virtual space! Or have chats in the Chatting Channel and Voice Channels. 
  • Collective - As a society, we are also a collective of creatives. You can use this as creative space, you can collaborate together, ask for feedback and more!
  • Game Night - Twitch (e.g. stream dating simulator games) or multiplayer games like ACNH, Monopoly and Among Us, etc. 
  • Mini-workshops - Creative, casual workshops e.g. DIY projects 
  • Mukbang night - We will have a mukbang night where we go to discord and just eat together. 

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