Create & Manage Societies

Create and Manage Societies
Clubs and Societies

Starting a club/society is a simple process. All you need is the following:

  1. Name
  2. Aims and objectives
  3. 8 members who are current Ravensbourne students
  4. 5 officers (i.e. President/Head of the Society, Deputy, Treasurer etc.)

If you would like to create one and get a detailed rundown of developing Societies and Clubs, please drop an email to Michèle Desfontaine, the Vice President of Activities, Campaigns and Welfare.


Society Media Pack 

Society Year Form 

Society Budget Planner 

Leading Societies/Clubs

When it comes to Societies and Clubs there are 3 essential components.

Building, Maintaining and Growing.


It is really simple‍? Apart from the logo, the name and other logistics; there are 3 main things to think about when building a society.

  • Aims and Goals as a society/club (this can literally be anything).
  • The benefits it will have for you and others.
  • The team that will help you with your society.


Communication is key you do not want people signing up and not hearing anything from you. There are 3 key things to consider.

  • Communication - It’s as simple as having a group chat on any social platform.
  • Planning - Some students have commitments, so its best to know the whens and where as well as the activities you want to hold.
  • Involvement - Find ways you can get your members to engage with one another often and drive a sense of community/


Get more students involved  The Students’ Union will help you reach out to as many students as possible to grow but what can you do? There are 3 main things to consider.

  • Content - Post on you Society’s/Clubs social platforms
  • Content - People attract people. Have some photos/videos when people see you and your members having fun, people would want to join.
  • Content - Seeing is Believing. If students see your society/club are doing things and is consistent, they would want to join.