Student Reps

Student Representative Scheme
Student Representative Scheme

Ravensbourne listens to and takes into account the views of students in its' decision-making process. The Students’ Union (RaveSU) is here to ensure that the students’ voices are heard and they have the best possible experience at Ravensbourne.

Who are Student Reps?

Student Reps are the voice of the student body. They are elected by their course peers to represent them to the Institution in a variety of ways. They enable direct feedback to take place and provide an effective system for channelling student views, both locally and institutionally. Student Reps are the main point of contact for other students to express their views towards their course, the institution and the SU.

What Student Reps do?

Student Reps gather views and opinions of their fellow students and represent them to the course staff in an appropriate and representative manner. They also sit on the Student Voice Committee (SVC) that identifies matters that arise at the course level as well as monitoring actions outlined in response to these. All Student Reps are full members of the Student Parliament which is the governing body of the Students’ Union. It determines the Union policy and directs the work of the Executive Committee.

Why should you become a Student Rep?

If you feel anything in Ravensbourne needs to be improved this is the most effective way to go about it. Student Reps have the opportunity to:

  • contribute to the decision-making process and have a direct influence over the running of a course;
  • be involved in the quality assurance activities of the Institution;
  • improve their own experience along with those of others and make the institution even better;
  • gain transferable skills valued by employers, such as public speaking, effective communication, negotiation and problem-solving;
  • demonstrate and evidence an appetite for responsibility, a capacity for leadership and good team playing skills to future employers.

It's also an excellent extracurricular activity to have on your CV and may be mentioned in references by staff.

How do you become a Student Rep?

At the beginning of the academic year, Course Leaders will hold course meetings with students from each cohort and ask students to nominate Student Reps. If there is more than one nomination, an election must be held. If there is no election within the first two weeks of teaching, please speak to your subject leader or contact the Students' Union team. Moreover, there are often vacancies, and a student who is interested should enquire with their Course Leader, with other Student Reps or the Union.

Do postgraduate programmes have Student Rep as well?

Yes! Postgraduate Student Reps are just as important as undergraduate degree representatives. However, interested students are required for this to happen. Please speak to your Course Leader if you are interested.

Students’ Union’s role explained

Every Ravensbourne student is a member of the Students’ Union. It is run on a day-to-day basis by three part-time Officers. The Union works as the channel of communication between the students and the University and represents the views of students on the Board of Governors, Academic Board and its sub-committees.

The Union supports and trains Student Reps to understand and perform their role in greater detail. If a matter could not be resolved at the course level, the Union can then take it to a higher level.


Student Rep training sessions will be taking place in September and October 2021 for you to attend to prepare you for the year ahead and to meet the Students’ Union team and other student representatives.


For any questions or conerns, please email President of the Students' Union, Zahra Shahsavari