Candidate for the position of Vice President of Activities, Campaigns and Welfare

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Rayhan Al-Fozor

Your very own.

Let's start with a small introduction to myself. I can easily upload my name to the system, but why should I be your union's vice president? Observing the university's nature and speaking to multiple students, I understand what you want and make the university better for all years, whether from an academic or social aspect. The university strives for students to interact with one another and find new people in different courses to build a social network and create a professional network that will benefit their future later. I hope to sustain and grow this community built by the students, and whoever requires any help will be easier to find during their academic years. 

During my time in the role, I will be looking to fulfill three fundamental parts of uni life:

As a third-year but also apart of the Islamic Society, I understand the struggles of creating a social bond with others as you need the confidence to speak to others who may share your same interests.  I am working on having societies more established. Hence, students know there are places after class to build your friendships and push the students' ideas that make it far more enjoyable during their academic years. 

During my time studying, many students complained to me about their annoyance of not bonding with their tutors, especially during the COVID period. I plan to build the bond between students and teachers, ensuring a benefit for the course and future students as each creative has an opinion to say even if the course may not be their specialty. 

I will be taking notes that the students provide to me via group chats or calls. During the COVID period, most students feel as if they haven't gotten the full value of their academic years which shouldn't be passed onto the new years. I will be looking to work with the president to immediately ensure students get the full value of their academic years.

I have always felt that I am connected to everyone at the university. I understand the problems we as creative students have/are facing during our academic years and, more importantly, understand the students' energy. I feel like I am the recognizable face that will benefit Student Union, allowing the students to be more interactive with us and be a part of Ravensbourne's growing environment. I hope to use my skills to provide a service to the students ensuring that we are taking the right steps forward and their problems are being brought to light and elevating the student life within our building and matching the energy they bring.