Candidate for the position of Ravensbourne Students' Union - President

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Louis Wearing

Time For A Proper Students’ Union

My name is Louis Wearing and I’m a 3rd year Digital Film Production student from Suffolk. 

Throughout my time at Ravensbourne University it is evident we are not getting the true university experience from our students’ union, especially when compared to what other student unions can offer at different universities. This is why I am standing in for the role as president so I can bring the proper university experience to Ravensbourne by primarily focusing on the social aspects to student life.

My Focus

- Collaborate with another students’ union  

One of the many reasons why I believe our students’ union has lacked a social presence is because we are considered to be a small university, with a total enrolment of approximately 2,600 students in 2020. So my proposition is to achieve a social presence at Ravensbourne by collaborating with another students’ union at a different university in London.

By implementing a collaboration with another students’ union in London would mean having regular social events which would create new friendships that lead to excellent networking opportunities. The type of social events I would push would be nightlife and sports such as pub crawls & go karting.

- Financial support for final major projects

Although there is financial support in place for students who come from low income households, it still leaves a large group of students who are not able to fully fund their projects. This is because they are not eligible for the bursaries given out by the university, in addition to not having the financial support from their families either. This leaves many students at an unfair advantage in producing high quality work due to the lack of funds needed to create their projects. 

If I were to be elected I would work with the university to seek additional funding for final major projects, which would make a level playing field for everyone.

Thank you for reading,