Candidate for the position of Ravensbourne Students' Union - President

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Fernando Modino

Strength in Numbers

Last year, I aimed to deliver on a statement; The people who strive for fame and money may achieve happiness, but the ones that build strong, trustworthy relationships will always be happy: Students unionised to create a circle of growth. I hope to sustain the sense of community that students have found and build new communities for those wishing to network and grow their creative circle.

During my time in the role, I will target three fundamental areas of university life:

Addressing the Past:

Over time, I’ve come to understand injustice at Ravensbourne. To combat this, I am a member of a working group attempting to investigate past complaints and seek a correct resolution with a student's life in mind. I have also started an ‘RSU Angel’ scheme of students to represent different social groups such as LGBTQI+ and Muslim’s at Ravensbourne. Being a member of Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion means I’m at the forefront of seeking a fair and inclusive experience for all students.

Fighting for The Good Times:

Let’s get through this lockdown together! At present, it’s my utmost importance to support all students with their creative plans and wellbeing. I have tried to do this with free gift boxes for 240 students from the SU, and the delivery of over 20 online events including talks on ‘How to Become a Lie Detector’ and an ‘Among Us Online Tournament’. I have been actioning points from our student parliament regularly and will ensure the maintenance of our 15 new SU societies to keep the community of Ravensbourne alive for every student.

Thinking of The Future:

I would like to realise the dream of a fully connected university and creative experience. I have started to action this with our student exhibition scheme, which you may see on our social media or off the Mezzanine balcony in the building. Furthermore, I’m hoping to start exhibiting student work on our website to be sold by us, and I’ve formed collaborations with SOAS and Greenwich University to enable access to their societies and facilities. 

I understand the huge amount of faith that is being placed on me, but I feel connected to the creative mindsets of every person who populates the institution, and I can't get enough of that energy. I hope to action my goals and see a university full of thriving students ready and prepared to smash it in the creative world.

That’s All Folks.