Candidate for the position of Ravensbourne Students' Union - President

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Lawaiza Hussain

Bridging the gap between the two sides.

My name is Lawaiza and I'm a student in DFP. The student union is present to help and assist each and every student in our university. From what I experienced and observed from the last 3 years is that not all students face the same kind of hardships. I'm an international student from Pakistan and my experience has given me the drive to want to help the students who face double the challenges of a local student. There is a difference that I have noticed between how both sides are seen and treated, whether it be in terms of university resources or generally empathising with the other side. I have not seen many people discuss the extra challenges that international students deal with and any solutions for their problems. Observing both sides has given me a new perspective towards knowing how students from different backgrounds need a change in the kind of help they are provided with. We study the same courses so why not get the same level of understanding and support.

My aim through becoming president of the Student Union is

  1. To raise the concerns of international as well as local students equally. I want to try, with how ever much authority I have, to make every student's university experience worthwhile.
  2. Establish a better communication link between students and the management. As far as I've seen most students are confused about who to contact when they have specific concerns.
  3. Elevate the social media presence of the university to be more useful for students in terms of accessing information and updates related to university life.
  4. With the help of different social media platforms, promote and create social events/programmes for students so they don't feel like they are missing the university experience.
  5. Possibly organise cross departmental learning programmes so that students from different courses are not limited to just their course modules.
  6. Propose creative progression of different minority societies like the LGBTQ+ society.

Due to the pandemic, I did not get the chance to go back to my home country for over a year. All of us have had to go through an unexpected situation, and everyone's struggle is important. Everything combined, I really wish to win to help all students from feeling isolated and helpless in a time as tough as this. I care a lot about fair representation, because of that I will do all in my power to change how the student body is being treated. I will not turn a blind eye on the current and any upcoming problems that any student will be facing. I'm happy to have this opportunity to speak out for the students whose voices don't get heard.