Candidate for the position of NUS National Conference 2021 Delegate

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Michele Desfontaine

These are my uniquely designed action points I would like to initiate within the university


  • Increasing cultural representations within the university through active education. Such as organising a cultural food day where sponsors would bring food for students to sample and experience different cultures and other activities where students/staff can get involved.
  • Assist students in launching their own events/businesses/exhibitions and contacting industry professionals.
  • Campaigning for further clarity on the support available within the university and directly helping students with the applications process (rather than a form) or refer you to the right personnel.
  • Utilising social media platforms so students can vote for events, talks, and activities they would like to see within the university. Organising Instagram live once a month with the Student Union to answer any questions you might have.
  • Creating an online Ravensbourne Gallery featuring students' work. With work created within the university or within the industry in order to boost the level of exposure students have on a social media and industry. As well as giving students the opportunity to organise their own workshops where they can earn money/reputation by teaching others their own skillset to people outside and within the university.
  • Getting representation in the London LGBT parade.


  • Designing student events more appropriately around the student schedule.
  • Organising new, unique workshops – for example; starting your own business, how to invest, improving your credit score, writing contracts and financial planning for freelancers, setting up a business social media presence, ‘how much should I be earning’.
  • Creating an optional mentoring programme where third years can opt-in to mentor first years helping them with – time management, making extenuating circumstances applications, mental health coping techniques, living in London advice, and course tidbits.
  • A reform of the society system. Making the creation, joining, and events scheduling easier and more sustainable for long-term success. Possibly creating Student Union sponsored Society’s in the first year in order to encourage better networking, a student elected events, and community building.
  • A Ravensbourne Gala. 
  • A Rave Cook-Out


  • Acting as a representative/mediator to communicate with lecturers when students are experiencing relationship difficulties with a tutor.
  • Campaigning for greater awareness with lecturers on adapting course structure/material for students with mental health problems/disabilities.
  • Creating a new support system for students living away from home specifically Scape and the effects on their mental health.
  • Increase awareness and support for sexual abuse victims and consent and highlight the increased risk of sexual abuse in university and provide long-term support within the university.

COVID Initiative

  • Personally, I love a freebie and would love to increase COVID relief kits to students to at least once a month for when we’re stuck at home.
  • Creating a 5 day a week Rave safe space via Discord, where students can jump in and talk to each other if they’re feeling lonely.
  • The mentoring programme will especially focus to calm first-year nerves and increase networking for all students.

For info contact me via Insta @m.desfontaine