Candidate for the position of Ravensbourne Students' Union - President

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Zahra Shahsavari

Let’s work together to make a safe, diverse and vibrant space for all

My key areas I will be aiming for are the safety and diversity of students and to bring back the vibrancy of the student experience at Ravensbourne. I want to represent the students of today and use the budget to bring a better educational and social experience for all.


  1. Sexual Health and Wellbeing

  2. Services for Mental Health, Harassment, Assault, and Abuse

  3. Services for Students looking for Housing in London


I want students to feel supported in every aspect of their time here, in their studies and personal lives. We go through so much at Uni and you should never be left to feel alone or helpless. The services I wish to provide are here to help through learning how to have safe relationships and provide learning on topics that you may have never been taught before (eg. same sex). I want you to feel that you can come to Uni, not just for education but for emotional support and personal growth. Looking for Accommodation in London as a student is extremely stressful and I want to help ease this process by providing easy access to information on the legal rights of landlords, yourself as a tenant & do's and don'ts. Also, a Housemate Networking platform to find people with the same interests and living style as you!


  1. Wider range of Student Voices in Academic Decisions and Student Parliament 

  2. Promote LGBTQI+, POC/BAME, Female, International and Religious students for fairer representation

  3. Industry Speakers and Personal Mentors from all backgrounds


Our diverse range of students here at Rave is what makes us so unique and brilliant, and we need mentors and Industry professionals to represent this. I want to promote more students to be involved in monthly meetings with Course Leaders and Management and within Student Parliament to bring about changes in your courses you want to see. Let's use our voices to fight for equal representation in our beautiful city and community here at Ravensbourne.


  1. Opportunities to Work with Industry Contacts

  2. ReFreshers for 2nd and 3rd Year and revival of Rooftop Bar

  3. Students Work displayed in Ravensbourne and termly Exhibitions


I want to work with the Careers Team to bring frequent opportunities to work with Industry Contacts, such as Amazon and local London Businesses. In order to help you build your portfolios/showreels and feel confident to network and branch out into Industry. A huge part of what I want to do is to bring back everything that people have sadly missed out on. To start the next year with a bang, I want to provide students in 2nd and 3rd year with a 'ReFreshers' to finally live their true freshers dreams. We should be celebrating all of our amazing work, and I want to share this in every way I can by decorating all throughout our building and hosting termly Exhibitions. 


Thank you for reading my manifesto! 

I’d love to have a chat/hear any thoughts, so please message me at @zahraxshannel /