Candidate for the position of President

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Iman Amjad Anwar

A presidency focusing on making a bigger social impact in our local communities. I am your alternative representative.


My name is Iman Amjad-Anwar and I am running for your Student Union President. A Presidency that focuses on making a bigger social impact in our local and wider community. We as a student body can lobby for change in our local politics. To focus on issues like sustainability, mental health and opportunity for young people, and lobbying for these changes in our local government. I also want to focus on making the student experience more sustainable and allowing them to be more engaged in all that Ravensbourne has to offer. I want students to feel that if they want an alternative form of leadership, focused on bigger issues, then I can be that representative to lead them for that change. 


- To focus heavily on improving student mental health and wellbeing. As someone who experiences anxiety and has used the facilities available at Ravensbourne, I want to highlight the amazing work that Student Services and Student Counseling does, as well as lobbying to help get all the resources they need.  

- As a student union, with the support of the student body, lobbying our local governments to make a positive social impact in our local communities. The power of students working together is phenomenal. I want to harness this power to pressure our local politics to focus on opportunities for young people, such as discounted travel within the borough of Greenwich for students or lobbying the council to provide a small bursary scheme for students in Ravensbourne. 

- To make Ravensbourne a leader in sustainability through programs such as Ravensbourne ReUse. Run bi-monthly, where students can come with items of clothing, fabrics or miscellaneous items they no longer want or need and other students may find a use for them; a thrift shop of some sort.

- Societies in Ravensbourne have had a history of not keeping participants engaged throughout the year. We can find a solution to this by looking into projects that each society can undertake that can later be added to the participants' portfolios. Through this students may stay more engaged in their societies as they feel it is adding a benefit to their professional work.