RaveSU are committed to maintaining and encouraging sustainable practice in and around the Ravensbourne community. Many people use bicycles as their primary method of transport to Ravensbourne whilst local ecological initiatives such as   and Greenwich Ecology Park offer outdoor voluteering opportunites for students and staff.

In 2013 and 2014 we were awarded the Gold Award in Green Impact from the NUS. In 2015 we progressed to be highly commended in our Green Impact Excellence by the NUS.

Please contact our Vice President of Sustainability, Jorge Da Silva, for more information on how you can get invovled:

RSU is committed to being a sustainable and forward thinking union. Here is how we are planning to carry on making the union more sustainable and impactful.


  • Collaborate and work closely with with the Greenwich Ecology Park; this needs to be beneficial for both Ravensbourne and the Ecology Park. The collaboration will begin with the development of the green space on level 11 and will hopefully be sustained with future projects.


  • Develop the green space on level 11 into an insect and bee friendly space with the help of the Ecology Park. This project is limited to a very strict budget and will require the collaboration of various key people at Ravensbourne, however the project should commence before the end of this Spring and will be a great opportunity for students.


  • Reduce the amount of waste produced at Ravensbourne and increase the amount of waste which is recycled. This is an ongoing project which requires taking measures to reduce the waste produced and improving the recycling facilities and the collaboration of students. We have started this by using compostable plastic cups at our events. 


  • Organise more events which focus on sustainability and raising awareness of global issues; beginning with the Fashion Revolution event in April. 

At Rave SU we try to act as sustainably as possible, however there is always space for improvement! Our most negative environmental impact is the amount of rubbish that we produce during events, some of which can’t be recycled. 

We are currently working to fix that, which is why we now only use fully compostable plastic cups when we serve drinks during events. This is one small change of hopefully many to help us address our waste problem. 

Find out more about the cups that we use here