Candidate for the position of Vice President of Design School

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Leyla Sitki

Championing creativity and forming greater connections for students to promote work and provide support entering the industry.


I am currently in the process of launching a magazine that aims to celebrate creative talent as a form of expression and I feel confident working with a team to complete tasks. Over my three years at Ravensbourne I have collaborated with a range of students on projects both course related and personal. I would be a strong candidate for the position as I am passionate about creative talent and providing the best possible channels to promote and encourage progression into the industry. 


My main aim is to help raise awareness of the opportunities currently available and build on these to create stronger industry connections. I aim to help provide students with the relevant skills and experiences for a successful career in the industry; to work towards relieving some of the anxiety surrounding life after university. 


If elected my first objective would be to create greater student employment opportunities by raising awareness of the Rave agency and what is currently available whilst working with the university to develop the agency to ensure more relevant and accessible jobs and internships are regularly available for all courses. I am also aiming to improve the relationship between the student body and both alumni and external industry connections through regular industry panel talks and networking events to offer more opportunities for students to expand their network of contacts and potentially gain employment or mentorship.


I am hoping to expand and continue working on the student exhibition scheme that has been put in place by the current team and possibly extending this into an online showcase of work to reach a wider audience and give students the chance to promote their work effectively. 


One of my personal aims will be to tighten the relationship between students from all years across individual courses. By proposing more consistent course networking events and socials to help first and second year students gain third year mentors whilst third year students can benefit from collaboration and the chance to find students to assist with FMP’s and external projects, creating a stronger bond and sense of community within courses. 


I feel a change to the way societies are run and promoted within the university could benefit from some change to adapt to suit Ravensbourne students and the workplace style of the institution. Many students are unaware of what societies are available and feel disconnected. This could be improved by a monthly round up email promoting the societies and informing students on the current projects the student union team are working on, bridging the gap between the student body and the union and building on the current foundation to continue to build a strong relationship between the two.