United Nations of Ravensbourne

The United Nations of Ravensbourne (UNR) previously known as the SU Angels is a new approach at tackling discrimination and underrepresentation within the university to ensure everyone’s voice is heard and reflected within our community. 

We want to hear from you and make sure you feel that your voice and community is listened to. By taking part in the UNR you will have access to the Students’ Union resources and be in an open discussion with us and your fellow student representative members to make a difference within the university.  

The roles possibleareInternational and Social Officers,you can represent your home country or the country you most align yourself with from your background. (eg. French International Officer, Polish, Chinese, etc) You can also represent a social change within society to be the voice to push the movement forward.(eg. LGBT+, Female, Male, Religious groups, etc)

We want every diverse and minority community in Ravensbourne to feel represented and seen as a key part of what makes this university so brilliant. 


Why it's important:

Becoming part of the UNR is integral, as it allows you to represent the community that you’re a part of. Being an innovative and digital university in one of the most multicultural cities in the world, it is so important we are taking the right steps towards the society we want to be a part of. You can be a key part of that step forward. 


What you can do:

In this role you will be able to communicate with the Students’ Union and many other departments with your concerns or ideas to better represent your community to incite positive change and action within the university. You can plan events, talks and social campaigns with your community and work with us to include a more diverse culture throughout the next year. You can also learn valuable skills while in this role, such as being a leader, practising strong communication, planning and execution skills in a range of events and meetings. 


What your role requires:

There are a few things over the next academic year where your attendance is vital at, to ensure representation for your community and to give us a chance to get to know how we can support you better. 


  • Induction training on becoming part of the UNR 

  • Attend EDI - Committees 

  • Attend termly UNR meetings 

  • Communicate with your community 

  • End of year debate/social 


Within the UNR training we will induct you on how to be a leader in your community, what EDI meetings will look like, what UNR meetings will look like, how we are there to support you and answer any questions you might have. 


In the EDI meetings you will be there to talk about your community and any current issues they are facing while at the university and any ideas or discussion points you have to ensure better representation from the university for your group. 


In the UNR meetings our aim is to tackle anything you would like to plan, such as events, talks or social campaigns to boost your community within Ravensbourne or any issues you are facing that we can help with and work on solutions within the academic and welfare departments. 


By communicating with your community, you are able to make every student here at Ravensbourne feel welcomed and represented. You will gather their ideas and issues to present them to us and the EDI committee, so you can best represent the views of your community together. 


For any further questions or information please don’t hesitate to contact President Zahra @ z.shahsavari@rave.ac.uk, @ravensbournesu_ or come visit us on Level 4.