Students' Union Elections
Students' Union Elections

SU Elections 2021: Results 

NUS National Conference Delegate 2021 - Michele Desfontaine

Students' Union President - Zahra Shahsavari

Vice President of Activities, Campaigns and Welfare - Michele Desfontaine

About RSU Elections

The Students’ Union holds elections to ensure a democratic decision is made regarding who will be the leaders of the Union for the next year. There is a President and two Vice Presidents who work on a part-time basis. They are your voice and act as your representatives to ensure actions are taken in the union, institution and wider community, fighting for you on institutional, local and national level.

Candidates produce manifestos that contain the ideas and principles of their campaigns. Ask yourself if they display key creative and communicative skills that you would like to see in someone who is representing you and your needs.

If you do not feel any of the candidates standing in a position have any qualities you feel are valuable, or you do not agree with their manifesto, you can vote RON. RON stands for 're-open nominations'. This means, should RON be more popular than any of the other candidates, no one would be elected to this role and the nominations for the role would reopen, giving the opportunity to find the right person to lead your union.

You can also nominate yourself for the election! It's a fun experience and an excellent opportunity to develop your leadership and communication skills. Should you require further information, please email suelections@rave.ac.uk