SU President

Fernando Modino
Fernando Modino

Students' Union President 

Thank you for reaching out to us on our website. I’m very proud to be the President of the Students’ Union for this academic year and I hope the team and I will deliver a positive student experience at Ravensbourne for you.

Our personal engagement with students is above all the most important thing we can provide as an SU. I have Spanish and Italian heritage and was born in London; I don’t speak Italian, but I’m learning Spanish quite extensively. I studied Digital Film Production for three years at the university and I’m an avid film buff. I have a wide-ranging music taste (although I may be biased), and I love team building/working exercises and games (we’d love to see some sports societies this year!). If you want to recommend me some music artists or films, hit me up on my social media pages below!
Of course, we do have institutional wide goals as well. These include:
  • A common room type-area of the building solely dedicated to unwinding, as well as promoting creative thinking and networking,
  • Better interaction between staff and students to ensure everyone stays informed and well connected.
  • Seeking external partnerships and discounts exclusively to Ravensbourne students and
  • A Campus-wide promotion of students work on open display to celebrate the talent we have in our building, as well as establishing Equality, Diversity and Inclusion in the work we promote.
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